Ultimate Comfort

Dive into a world of plushness with our Lifesaver Original Mat and Lifesaver XL Mat. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to cloud-like softness, while enjoying the added benefit of feeling dry and messes contained.

Functional Design

Whether you're on the bed, the floor, or somewhere in between, our mats are there to support your wildest adventures. Flexibility at its finest!


Enhanced Intimacy

Set the mood just right with our mats. They're not just comfy, they're intimacy enhancers, creating the perfect ambiance for you and your partner to connect like never before. Plus, the charcoal top keeps you feeling dry and fresh, so you can focus on what really matters.


Lifesaver Original Mat

Unmatched Comfort
: Sink into a blissful state of relaxation with our Lifesaver Original Mat. It's like a hug for your whole body, while keeping you feeling dry and messes contained.

Easy to Clean
: Don't sweat the mess—our mat is machine-washable for easy peasy cleanup. Because who wants to worry about laundry when there's romance in the air?

Versatile Use
: From bedroom escapades to living room cuddle sessions, our mat is your go-to companion for all things cozy and intimate.

Durable Construction
: Built to last, our mat withstands the test of time, ensuring many nights of cuddles and kisses ahead.



Lifesaver XL Mat

Extra Space, Extra Comfort: Spread out and get comfy with our Lifesaver XL Mat. It's like having your own little slice of paradise, right in your bedroom!

Perfect for Two: No need to squish and squeeze—our XL mat provides ample room for you and your partner to get cozy without feeling cramped.

Travel-Friendly: Take the romance on the road with our portable XL mat. Whether you're jet-setting or road-tripping, intimacy knows no bounds!

Easy to Store: When the fun's over, simply fold up our XL mat and tuck it away until next time. It's space-saving magic!



Easy Clean Ups!

No Fuss, Just Us: Skip the post-love cleanup drama and keep that cuddle session going strong. Pop your Lifesaver Mat into the washer and presto! You're both back to the snuggle-fest in no time.

Less Laundry, More Tickles
: Forget about handwashing; your mat's ready for a spin in the machine. More time for tickles and sweet nothings, less time lost on laundry.

Romance Ready, Round Two: Our mats are like your favorite rom-com: ready for replay, again and again. They’re tough enough for the spin cycle, so your love story stays spotless.



The Verdict Is In!

Worry-Free Wooing: Our mats have turned bedrooms into bastions of bliss, where only the good vibes stick.

Quick-Clean Love Scenes: With a simple machine wash, you're back to the romance in no time. More cuddles, zero scrubs!

Boldly Bare, Fully Fair: Feel the freedom to be your truest, barest selves without a second thought for the aftermath.

Spotless Spooning: Keep the spooning spotless with our waterproof wonder that guards against any love spill.

Versatile Vows: From steamy sessions to 'oops' protections—our mats have got your back, and your front.

Big or Small, Fits All: Whatever the size of your love or bed, we've got the mat that fits to a T.

With these mats, your intimate moments are in safe hands—no mess, no stress, just pure love and happiness.




Get ready to ignite the passion and create memories that'll last a lifetime with our Intimacy Bundle. Because when it comes to love, Lil Helper's got your back (and your front)!




Have more questions? We got Sir Attenborough himself to answer some queries. (J.K. He was busy, but there’s still some good stuff here.)

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Newbie Guide

Imagine us as your cheeky cupid, crafting those snug, heart-fluttering moments with finesse. This bundle is your secret ingredient for romance, minus the mess.

The sweet deal? More bundle, more savings!

Snag 2+ items for a 10% swoon, 3+ for a 15% flutter, or go all out with 4+ for a steamy 20% off.

It’s all about enriching your intimate times, making every touch count, while keeping the mood flawless and the sheets spotless.

So, why our Intimacy Bundle? Because we’re all about making love, not laundry!

Fear not, intrepid lovers!

Our Intimacy Bundle mats are like loyal companions - they stay put through thick and thin (or through twists and turns, if you will).

With a grip that's as dependable as your love for each other, these mats won't leave you slipping and sliding, unless, of course, that's part of the fun.

They're designed to stick with you, ensuring your focus stays on each other, not on mat-wrestling.

Oh, sweet summer child, let's talk upgrades!

Imagine swapping a flip phone for the latest smartphone.

That's the level of upgrade we're talking about here.

Sure, towels and blankets might get the job done, but our Intimacy Bundle mats bring comfort, convenience, and a dash of luxury to your intimate encounters.

They're specifically designed for these moments, from their skin-friendly materials to their easy-clean features.

Why settle for good when you can have great?

In the time it takes to plan your next romantic escapade, our mats can be washed, dried, and ready to join the fun again.

They're like the quick-change artists of the intimacy accessory world - a swift wash, a short dry, and they're back in action.

Because we know that when it comes to love, the only thing you should be waiting for is each other, not your laundry.


When it comes to our Intimacy Bundle, we're all about flexibility and catering to your desires.

Feel free to double up on your favorites or mix things up to your heart's content. No matter how you stack it, you'll still snag that sweet discount.

Let's say you and your partner have a favorite spot in every room for those spontaneous moments of intimacy.

You're thinking, "Why not make every spot as comfy and mess-free as possible?" So, you decide on:

Two Lifesaver Original Mats: Perfect for the bedroom and living room, offering a soft landing for those tender moments.

One Lifesaver XL Mat: For the spacious backyard under the stars or that weekend getaway, providing ample room for exploration and comfort.

By choosing this combination, not only are you ensuring that comfort and spontaneity go hand in hand, but you're also taking advantage of our fabulous discount.

For this trio, you'd get a lovely 15% off, making your intimate adventures both budget-friendly and blissful.

Remember, our Intimacy Bundle is here to adapt to your unique journey of love and connection, making every moment unforgettable and every penny count.

So go ahead, tailor your bundle to your heart's desire, and let the savings—and the good times—roll!

Your Bundle, Your Way!

Think of our Intimacy Bundle as your personal canvas for crafting the perfect romantic setting.

Whether you want one of everything for a little variety or decide that ten of one thing is what your heart desires, the choice is entirely up to you.

This is your toolkit to build, to decide, and to customize to fit your unique moments of closeness and intimacy.

Mix, match, multiply—create the bundle that speaks to your needs and desires.

After all, love isn't one-size-fits-all, and neither is your Intimacy Bundle!

Consider Add Ons the cherries on top of your Intimacy Bundle sundae!

They're the supporting cast to our leading Lifesaver Mats, handpicked based on customer feedback for their stellar performance in complementing your intimate moments.

While they may not be the main attraction, they're essential extras that elevate your experience.

And the best part? Adding them to your bundle boosts your discount too!

The lineup for Intimacy Bundle Add Ons features: Bamboo Wipes, Boofas, T-Shirt Wipes, Zippa Zipper Wetbag, and the YinYang Dry/Wet Bag.

Navigating the care for various items in your bundle might seem daunting, but fear not!

Each product comes with its own set of care instructions to ensure longevity and performance.

For any detailed queries about your wash routine, our team at delight@lilhelper.ca is more than happy to help.

True to our mission of simplifying your life, all Lil Helper products are designed to be washer and dryer friendly.

However, a word to the wise: items featuring PUL, (our go-to waterproof material) like our Lifesaver Mats, should be treated gently in the dryer, as heat can be less than kind to them.

Whenever possible, opt for air drying to keep everything in tip-top shape.