Size Matters

And it is especially true when it comes to covering your Double Lattes. The OBPs are 50% bigger than our original breast pads and come with double the absorbency!

Stay comfy and on the DL

Lumpy, coaster-shaped breast pads are uncomfortable and can be seen from the moon. Our breast pads are contoured to fit and made of stay-dry material so that they will conform to your Sweater Stretchers without sticking to your sensitive skin.

Leaks on lock

Cuz, otherwise, what’s the point, right? Two layers of bamboo terry combined with our bomb-proof PUL lining will hold 1.5 oz of overflow, keeping you and your earthly possessions from drowning when the levee breaks.

Are you overflowing with awesome? Like, literally?

Overnight Breast Pads are designed with fountains in mind.

For shorter periods of time or for less leaky ladies, our original breast pads are probably more than enough. Our OBPs were created to last you for the long haul and to hold up to true “fountain” level leakers.

Speaking of overflowing...

Coverage counts

Because, when you are acting as your little one’s full-time snack bar, you don’t have time for a nip slip that could ruin your whole day. The OBPs have double the surface area of our original breast pads. This makes them great at lasting for the long haul and means they are well-suited to Mamas who are particularly well-endowed in the Golden Globes department.

Feeling the burn?

Comfort is key

I’m not sure why, but before my little one arrived it never occurred to me that my baby using my Bazooms as a midnight buffet might be, well, uncomfortable. And when your Jubblies are already raw, you don’t need your breast pads making matters worse. Unlike cotton and disposable breast pads (that stick to your nipples like a lizard on the ceiling) our lovelies are made with stay-dry material that won’t stick to even cracked or chapped Milk Duds.

There is no need to sacrifice style for the sake of function.

Packed with cuteness

Our breast pads come 4-to-a-pack (2 pairs) and in a variety of prints, which are sure to make you smile… despite the fact that your Chichis are making you feel like an overstretched water balloon. If you are worried about the prints showing through the adorable top you picked out (which you look great in, by the way) make sure to check out our original breast pads for an unprinted version that runs no risk of clashing.

If you are still not sold, or you want to further discuss the scientific properties of these miraculous little inventions, we highly suggest you contact our Head Scientist and Chief Officer of Poop, Mohammed. He looooooves talking about breast pads.



Looking for more effortless parenting hacks? Us too. If you find some, send them our way. In the meantime, here is more info about this wicked awesome mat.

Full FAQ Page

Yes you can! If you do, we recommend keeping a look out for repelling and treating with a dawn dish soap scrub if you notice any.
Regular breast pads and overnight ones have a very similar make up. The overnights are larger in diameter and they are a bit more absorbent. The regular pads use a white PUL to make sure they are not seen through clothing, however the overnight pads come in many of your favourite prints!
Heck yes you can! We even recommend the overnights for people with large breasts as it allows for more coverage. Also they are great for anyone who may overproduce. Just be cautious that depending on what you are wearing, some prints may show through your shirts.
To start out we would say one breast pad deal ( and 1 pack of overnight liners. That would be 8 pairs of breast pads and 2 pairs of overnight pads. You may find you need less or more depending on how often you wash or how heavy you leak. However, this is a great comfortable starting point and would allow to wash every 3 days.
If you cloth diaper you can simply throw them in and wash using your Lil Helper approved wash routine! (If you are washing them with your diapers please remember to rinse off any nipple cream that may be present prior to washing)

Don't use cloth diapers? No problem! You can wash them with your regular laundry. However, we do recommend throwing them into a mesh garment bag to protect them in your washer and to keep them from getting stolen by the washer gremlins that will inevitably steal all those adorably, tiny baby socks. Just wait. It'll happen.

Also, we recommend not drying on high heat as it can deteriorate the PUL. If you need to dry them in the dryer, low or medium should do the trick!