Lifesaver XL Mat

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Life is all about balance. Some days, you have it all together. You get a good night’s sleep, you treat your body like a temple, and you have an uneventful enjoyable day with your kiddos. Other days are a write-off from the time your feet hit the ground. The baby wakes you at an hour that should not exist, you treat your body like an active dumpster fire, and your kids turn sensory play into an excuse to go feral. Whether you are experiencing big fun or big chaos, it is good to have big backup. Like our XL everything mat, the Lifesaver XL.

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LENGTH: 57 inches
WIDTH: 40 inches

  1. Heavy-Duty wash (longest cycle) on warm (max. 140 F/60 C) with recommended amount of detergent. Make sure you use enough detergent.
  2. Line dry when you can or tumble dry on medium.
  3. Use a reputable, commercially available detergent, either plant-based or synthetic
  4. Do not use laundry soaps such as castile or coconut-based soaps and detergents with fabric softener.
  5. Watch your favorite reality show. Light up a celebratory cigar with a glass of red and give yourself a pat on the back for choosing Lil Helper. A cape is recommended but not necessary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Sean Demmer
It’s amazing

The Lifesaver mat is exactly what I was looking for! The fabric is so soft and comfortable! And it’s SUPER absorbent!!

Awesome mat

Love the lifesaver mat, I got the mermaids print and the colors are beautiful, the mat is versatile and soft. I highly recommend it!

Hey Diana! We're so glad you got this beautiful print before they ran out! You can bring our Lifesaver anywhere, and use it however you think best! You can even use it as a picnic mat, beach towel, mattress cover, etc. Also, we made sure to put stay dry charcoal on top so it's soft to lay on and feels dry even with moisture! Thank you for the Lil Helper Love, Diana! - Lil Helper Delight

Cara DeRuiter
Loving it!

Just got my first X-LARGE lifesaver recently and is already coming in handy. With both myself and my 3 month old sick it’s great to lay on the bed for side lay breastfeeding and to catch all the other fluids so I’m not constantly stripping the bed.

Hey Cara, Our Lifesaver XL Mat is big enough to almost cover your whole mattress, keeps your mattress clean and makes you feel like resting on clouds at the same time! We've hidden absorbent bamboos in the middle of it and placed a waterproof PUL on the printed side to keep any surfaces clean and dry. Happy Breastfeeding! - Lil Helper Delight

Michelle C
Well made, comfy & cozy

I’ve only been using the lifesaver mats for a few months so I can’t comment on longevity, but they are all super cozy and wash nicely.

The mini is perfect for a small cozy layer on top of baby In the car seat.
XL is perfect for the couch or a picnic.
And regular size is good for a little infant on the playmat to stay warm from underneath or for a stroller blanket!

Wow, Michelle! You've found so many ways to use our Lifesaver Mats! Our Captain Poopypants designed these mats to serve many purpose! It's made of bamboo which is the soft part of the mat that's not only cozy, super absorbent too! If you're thinking of using this for the couch or bringing it to your picnic, you can also use this at the beach and lay on them while you're enjoying the warm sun! - Lil Helper Delight

Ky Heathcote

Our new favourite! We use for baby led weaning to catch all the food mess! The best!

Hey Ky! Our LIfesaver XL Mat does such an amazing job in catching all the moisture and mess from baby lead weaning! These are made from an absorbent bamboo material that still feels dry after being poured liquid on them, and the PUL side(The side with the most adorable prints in the world) make sure that nothing ever gets through! Also, use them as many times as you want, it will never stain! - Lil Helper Delight

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