How Exactly Does A One Size Cloth Diaper Work?!

So you’re ready to start your cloth diapering journey and don’t know where to start? Pockets, All in Ones, Prefolds, there are so many options. But one major question is if you should go with sized diapers, which means you buy multiple sets as your baby grows (for example, newborn, 6 months, 12 months, etc.)? Or should you choose a one size cloth diaper, which grows with your child and can be used from birth to potty training?

Wait what? How can one diaper fit the same child from birth to potty training?

Let’s walk through it.

The Rise & The One Size Cloth Diaper

If you’ve taken a look at a one size cloth diaper already, you may have thought “what’s with all the snaps?”! All those snaps, especially the three snaps in the front known as the ‘rise’ allow the diaper to be completely adjustable to your little one.

To begin, you will likely start with the rise on the smallest setting. This means that the bottom row of three front snaps is snapped into the top.

As your child grows, you can adjust so the middle row of rise snaps is snapped into the top.

Finally, you can ‘let the rise all the way out’ leaving it unsnapped. The rise out makes the diaper longer for your growing toddler.

Custom Fit and the Thighs and Waist

Next, the hip and waist snaps allow you to get a custom fit around your little one’s thighs and waist in their cloth diaper.

Our newest generation of Tank Cloth Diapers all come with helpful ‘guide snaps’. You will notice that the middle snaps are a different color, allowing you to easily see the center for a custom fit.

Your Cloth Diaper Needs Inserts Too

You might be surprised to know that your inserts can impact your fit too.

When baby is under 3 months old, you likely only need one small insert. As they grow and their output and fit changes, you can add the second for more absorption.

While Lil Helper diapers have inserts that snap in place for easy cleaning, experiment with leaving the front, back, or both unsnapped. This can be especially helpful if you are seeing any plumbers crack happening!

Prove it. There’s No Way The Same Cloth Diaper can fit Birth - Potty Training

We would be delighted to. Shout out to Steph W. from our Unsnapped Parenting Facebook Group. She recently shared these progress shots of her little one where the same cloth diaper year after year!

There you have it! Photographic proof better than bigfoot that you can depend on one set of cloth diapers to last from birth to potty training. In fact, many Lil Helper users are even able to use the same set across siblings, because they are also built to last. A huge difference between The Tank and the Newborn Cloth Diapers you may have browsed on Amazon.

Lil Helper Tank Cloth Diapers for size 7-35 lbs, and we even have some great hacks for skinny legs too!

Still not sure the Tank Cloth Diaper is Right for You?

Start with our trial! You can get one Tank Cloth Diaper for 50% off as a first time customer. So you can hold it in your hands, experiment with the snaps, and even try it on your little one before you commit to a full stash! We want our diapers to work for you and your family, and trying them out is the best way to know if it’s a good fit or not!

Need more Cloth Diaper help?

Have no fear! The Delight Team is always here to help!

The truth is, bad snapping happens. Whether you are just learning yourself or you just got daycare on board to try cloth diapering, there is a learning curve. We’ve seen some crazy snapping in our 10+ years since we started Lil Helper.

Like all things in life and especially in parenting, it’s ok to not be an expert on day one. We are all learning and doing our best.

Try out our custom fit app to get started.

If you’re still having trouble, you can always email us at for more help.

As your baby grows there is some trial and error necessary to getting the right fit on a one size fits all cloth diaper. But rest assured, one size diapers are a great choice for making sure you get the most out of your diapers. By choosing a one size cloth diaper you save so much! Your money and the environment will thank you. You’ve not only ditched disposables, but made a super sustainable choice by not buying multiple sets of cloth diapers. Your Tank Cloth diaper can grow with your child.

The truth is, when you first fall down the rabbit hole of cloth diapers on the internet, it can be really overwhelming. The Lil Helper Tank cloth diaper was actually designed by rocket scientists to be ultra-user friendly, so even a babysitter can handle it!

Got questions? Leave us a comment below and we will be happy to help you! Don’t let the world of cloth diapers feel overwhelming - we are here to help!