How to Get Your Partner on Board with Cloth Diapers

I want to help you get your partner on board with cloth diapers.

On a recent post in the Lil Helper Facebook Group, an alarmingly high number of parents admitted that their partners totally refuse to change any diapers since they switched to using cloth! This post is a consolidated guide to helping you convert your partner to the cloth side. Don’t worry guys, I’ve got your back.

Introducing Cloth Diapers

You might be wondering to yourself “how do I even go about bringing up the topic of cloth diapering with my partner?”. Luckily for you, I’m here to pave the way! I have found from personal experience that the best way to have this conversation is to start by looking at the facts. Talk about the costs of both long term, how comfortable you are going out of your comfort zone to try something different, and about the pros and cons of both disposables and cloth diapers.

Still having trouble getting them to be a bit more open to the idea? I’ll do the dirty work for you. Just show them this post. So simple!

The Cost of Cloth Diapers versus Disposables

I’ll bet your partner is the kind of person who likes to withdraw money and put it through a shredder, just for kicks. Maybe they like to flush it down the toilet once in a while too. Oh, they aren’t? OF COURSE NOT! Not a single person likes to literally throw away their hard earned money. But guess what… that is LITERALLY what your partner is doing when you’re using disposable diapers. If you haven’t shown your partner the stats before now, you need to sit them down and blow their minds with the information coming up. They need to know this stuff!

Did you know that to use disposable diapers on your child from birth until they are fully potty trained amounts to roughly 2,500$ for an average child? And that’s just one kid! That’s enough money to buy that dirt bike he has been eyeing up for the last year, or go on an adult-only cruise. Let’s face it, you guys love your kids, but sometimes you need to do something for yourself!

Making the switch to cloth diapering means that your partner just gets to see the entire cost up front, all at once. Lil Helper takes the guesswork out of starting your cloth diaper journey with our curated Day Packs. Each pack is designed to be enough diapers and inserts to get you through one full day of cloth diapering. Now just sprinkle in how much MORE you and your partner are going to save when baby #2 comes around and you don’t have to spend anything on diapers because you’re already all set up and ready to go. If tossing around their newly-saved dollar bills doesn’t have them convinced that cloth is the only way, the next reason is sure to do the trick…

What about the poop?

Poop-splosions. It happens to the best of us. You go to pick your baby up out of the car seat, or the bouncer, or their crib, and as soon as your hands wrap around their back and you feel the telltale ‘squish’, you just know. You don’t even have to look to know that there is poop EVERYWHERE.

Poop is life.

Honestly, this is my #1 reason to leave those insufficient disposables in the past. Poop explosions rarely happen when you’re using cloth diapers, and let me tell you why. The fabric that we use in our Cloth Diapers is extremely absorbent, and the elastics work overtime everyday, all day long, to keep everything contained. A properly fitted cloth diaper will ensure that everything stays where it’s supposed to stay until you get a chance to change your babe. Trust me, there have been times that I have opened up my daughters diaper and been SHOCKED at the fact that not a single thing leaked out. You won’t believe it until you see it for yourself.

Want an even easier poop cleanup option? (I know, I know. How can it get any better?!) Check out our Disposable Liners! Just sneak them into your little ones diaper, and dispose of it responsibly when it’s dirty. No more diaper scrubbing!

Can Cloth Diapers handle overnights?

Now this is the kind of math that your partner should be able to get behind get behind. If you’ve spent your child's entire life exhausted, you guys need to make the switch NOW.

I know that it seems impossible. How can something so small and seemingly trivial change your entire life?! But trust me. It changed my Life! We did not cloth diaper for the first 8 weeks of our daughters life. In that time, she was up every 2 hours all night long. She is extremely sensitive to her diaper being wet, so the second she would go, she would be awake and squirming until I changed her. When we jumped into cloth diapering, the very first night that we used our Overnight Inserts, she slept for 7 and a half hours.

I remember waking up and actually wondering to myself in a half-asleep moment of panic if she was even still alive. There was no way she had just let my husband and I sleep through the entire night uninterrupted! Tell your partner to stop thinking about it and just do it already!

Share your stories and the conversation that you had with your partner to get them on board with cloth diapering below!