Lil Helper Swim Diapers: Everything You Need to Know

Ready to learn more about our swim diapers? You’ve come to the right place!

There were a lot of things I expected to happen when I became a parent. I expected a lot of sleepless nights and to be tired A LOT.

I expected to deal with some crying and tantrums.

I expected to spend a lot more of my time that I would like, dealing with someone else’s bodily functions.

But one thing I didn’t fully expect, was how much parenting would teach me.

I’ve learned about a nurturing side I didn’t realize I had.

It has taught me I can be a real bada$$ when something threatens the health or happiness of the little creature I created.

It taught me to be a little more playful.

But I think the most profound lesson that becoming a parent has taught me, is that poop happens. Now, while this may seem like a simple statement, there are actually layers to this lesson. First, there is the more metaphorical meaning. As in, things happen that you can’t control. So roll with the punches as best you can when your child decides to hide your keys or paint your dining room walls with their dinner.

But there is also a more concrete meaning to this lesson that parents, especially, are all too aware of. As in, poop literally does happen. And it usually happens at the worst possible time. It could be right after you just changed your baby’s diaper.

Or it could be right after you have finally wrestled them into their car seat and gotten them buckled in.

But as frustrating as all your other “poop happens” moments may seem, there is actually one that is worse. Let me paint you a word picture. It is about 1,000,000 degrees outside. You are sweating, your baby is sweating, the dog is sweating.

In a stroke of brilliance, you decide to pack up the car and hit the local pool so that everyone can get a little relief.

You get you and baby changed and into the water. It is wonderful. Your babe is splashing happily away and you are both enjoying the relief of the cool water.

But then you see it. The tell-tale face.

And you know that all of your fun is about to come to a screeching halt.

This, my friends, is the mother of all “poop happens” moments. Your first instinct is to dash from the pool before your “poop happens” moment becomes EVERYONE’S “poop happens” moment.

You breathe a sigh of relief, and here’s why:

Inflatable Floaties Only: You know your Lil Helper swim diapers have been designed for a snug fit that ensures that you, your baby, and your unicorn-shaped floaty are the only ones bobbing around in the pool.

No Stains: The soft, inner mesh lining is of your swim diaper charcoal colour - so no stains! Even though your baby had blueberries for breakfast.

Protection, Now and Forever: Your swim diaper has adjustable snap settings that will allow this diaper to fit your little one from tadpole to leapfrog. This means that if (when) this happens again (and again, and again), you won’t have to worry because this diaper will fit them from about 10-40lbs.

Economical and Effective: Not only does this diaper give you a better fit than disposable swimmers, it can be washed and reused. Saving the environment, your money, and your beach day. In the pool, at home, or at the beach this swim diaper is a must have under any swim suit or even on its own! Because here at Lil Helper, we know that everyone needs to learn that “poop happens” but they don’t need to learn it the hard way.

Note: Our New Swim Diapers are designed to allow water to pass through, and therefore cannot be used to catch pee, or as a cloth diaper cover. This is to help keep your baby comfortable during swim and beach time.

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