Love Letters to Lil Helper

At Lil Helper, we are insanely proud of our reviews. We sometimes get accused of having fake reviews, because we have such a huge number of 5 star ratings! We seek out 4 star ratings and are constantly trying to improve, but it sure does give us the warm fuzzies to know that we have made so many folks happy! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we want to share the Lil Helper love with some of our favorite reviews and kind words we’ve received lately...

On Hypatia Reusable Pads...

On Zero-A Reusable Training Pants...

Amazing product, even more amazing company 🤩

I honestly cannot portray how much I LOVE lil helper as a company.

But first... the actual training pants review:

They fit great on my 3yr old who is stubborn like her father and just taking sooooo long to fully potty train.
I bought these in frustration of buying box after box of pull ups, and the slightly absorbent panties from Amazon just soak through as fast as nothing, stick of messes on the floor.
These pull ups hold a good amount before slightly leaking but she feels her "accident " right away and comes to go potty now so I think it's a great way to "train" her to feel her cues, but help with the mess and be easier on the planet all at the same time. WIN WIN WIN. OH! & they are so cute too! 🏆 easy up and down, and easy off of a big mess happens 💩 so add another 🏆. Just go ahead and buy them already.

Now for company review.

1st. The products are so amazing and well thought out (by litteral rocket scientists)
2nd. THE WITTY, CUTE AND PUNNY notes, messages and instructions bring such joy and laughter into my life I find myself looking back at the packaging, hand written notes from delivery and website descriptions for a smile.
3rd. They send treats and handwritten thank you notes with purchase. Tea, candies and chocolates are always the way to a tired mamas heart. Thank you. ❤️
4th. The customer service is second to none. They provide a real phone number, are quick to respond to emails and it leads to ...
5th. The god forbid guarantee. (More for regular style diapers) but as a mom of loss, this really touches my heart. They even sent out an email to allow you to opt out of mothers day emails this year. The thoughtfulness of the company doesn't seem to end.
I also remember when they started the menstrual product line, MO shared a very vulnerable video explaining his night wetting that lasted till an age he remembers the shame and so produces the great big soaker pads for menstruation or family leaks. The empathy has really made great products.
6th. The prints are adorable. It's so hard to choose. Also reminds me, my mom has requested you start planning your geriatric or adult line so she "can have that material on her butt when she is old and in diapers " 🤪
7th. PLEASE NEVER STOP BEING AWESOME! and please keep doing you. It's great.

On Lil Helper Lifesaver Mats...

Hi! I had purchased your lifesaver mat for myself last year. I was having heavy menstrual flows, and kept bleeding through and this was such a lifesaver (just like its namesake)! I wanted to pass along another use that we had for it. We had to say goodbye to my 13yo dog this past November, and we were lucky enough to be able to do so with Laps of Love in our home. But we needed a blanket or something in case of bodily spills or fluid after she passed.

I immediately grabbed my lifesaver mat, and it was so beautiful to be able to have something soft and pretty to have our pup on (instead of pee pads or scratchy towels). Because of this, Lil Helper and the Lifesaver Mat will *always* have a special place in my heart. Your product allowed us to give our dog a beautiful death, and I will be forever thankful and grateful for that. Here's our gooby eyed girl, Olive, a few years ago. We miss her so much, but the lifesaver mat is just another way for me to feel closer to her.

Thank you for all you do! -Carly

We are so proud we are able to offer products that help our customers solve problems and that we can infuse some joy, empathy, and dignity into all these messy parts of life. Drop us a comment below on what product has made your life easier, and what we should do next- our love language is feedback!

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