Sex Talk: 3 Tips for a Mess Free Spicy Time

ICYMI Lil Helper specializes in all things mess, and we believe the messy parts of life should always be handled with dignity and joy. And while we started off with cloth diapers and bibs, since finding a whole new world on Tik Tok we’ve discovered even more uses for our Lifesaver Mats - the mat with a million uses already! Turns out, there’s a big need for folks to upgrade their bedroom with a dignified sex blanket. So your sex life is one more area where we are here to talk all things with no shame! Here are 3 tips for keeping your bedroom mess free - but not vanilla!

Sex Blanket: Ditch the Towel, Use a Lifesaver Mat

One thing we’ve learned on TikTok is just how many people are using raggedy old towels or (lord help us) plastic puppy pee pads to protect their beds from mess during intimacy! Nothing is less romantic. Your bedroom should be a welcoming place for you to have fun, relax, and enjoy every minute with your partner without pulling out an old towel or a crinkly plastic cover. Enter the Lifesaver Mat.

Unlike a towel, our Lifesaver Mats feature a waterproof PUL backing (now in fun, neutral, and adult prints/solids). A towel will eventually become saturated and transfer wetness onto your matress or sheets. Not a worry with the lifesaver. No matter how much mess you make on the soft, stain resistant, absorbent charcoal side, nothing transfers through to your bed. Meaning after you’re done your sexy times, you can toss the lifsaver mat in the laundry basket and cuddle up on dry sheets, every time.

Unlike a puppy pee pad (I can’t believe I have to say that), our Lifesaver Mats aren’t crinkly. They are super soft and reusable - meaning over time you get more use and save $$$ than tossing pads every time. No sterile white plastic in site just cool prints (or solids for boring people) and soft materials, keeping you comfortable no matter what position you find yourself in.

Talk It Out

To avoid any mess in the bedroom, be sure you talk it out with your partner. Or, sometimes this is important to making a mess too (the good kind anyways). In a neutral setting, this is not the conversation to be having as your pull out your sex blanket. Make sure you talk about what you like, don’t like, expect, and are curious about. This keeps the emotional mess at bay and ensures everyone has a good time in the moment. Remember to be clear, and don’t dance around what you want and don’t want.

Embrace a Hyps Liner After Sex

If things get really messy, be sure to grab a liner for after. There is nothing more awkward or uncomfortable than feeling a dribble or a squish after the fact. Our liners are simple, discrete, thin and reusable, so again you get more for your $$.

Hyps are easy to store and come in great prints too!

And unlike a disposable pad or panty liner, our Hyps menstrual pads are much more breathable, perfect for ensuring you stay happy and healthy to have more fun another day.

Whether your trying to conceive, or just keeping things spicy with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, there are lots of joyful ways to get messy in the bedroom. With a little help, and your Lifesaver Mat/Sex blanket in your favorite print, your sex life can be full of joy - but your bedroom mess free!

What helps you keep it spicy but not sticky in the bedroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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