Sustainability & Zero Waste: Lil Helper’s Commitment to Do More for the Planet

Have you heard the news? We’ve taken new steps to be a more sustainable company - and just in time for Earth Day! Here is how Lil Helper is growing to get closer to the goal of zero waste: as a company, for families, for the planet.

If you know Lil Helper, you know we love minimalist packaging. We’ve worked hard to reduce all our packaging while still giving our customers the info (like wash routine recommendations) they need.

And our warehouse ninjas are pros at packing your order into the smallest of boxes! There is nothing that makes us crazier than when you order that lip balm on Amazon and it comes in a box the size of your car! Unnecessary packaging is the exact opposite of zero waste. And we aren’t here for that. You won’t find our boxes full of bubble wrap or extra space. Just the high quality products you love.

We are committed to making new and innovative products to help your family on the journey to zero waste. That is why we are always listening to you. We want your product feedback. Your product ideas. And we are always growing and changing and trying to do better!

And now we are more sustainable than ever. Our Bite Bags & Hyps Menstrual Pads are now made with recycled materials! In fact, each Combo Bag recycles approximately 2 plastic water bottles! And yes, we have our GRS certification so you can be confident in our manufacturing process! In order to achieve zero waste we have to not just recycle our waste, we have to support the use of recycled materials in new products.

What else can we do to help you and your family reduce your waste? Is there a sustainable product you’d love to see us make? Let us know in the comments below!

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