This Crib Sheet is a Nursery Game Changer

Hey Lil Helper Fam! This week, we asked one of our Ambassadors, Alex, to give an indepth review of our Sleepsaver Crib Sheet! Read on for her thoughts on this super duty nursery must-have!

“Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques, Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?”...

As a new parent, I struggled with sleep deprivation. I like to sleep and I can fall asleep quickly lights on! Unless…unless I know my baby isn’t comfortable for the night. Many reasons can be the cause of a baby not sleeping through the night and every night is different.

The Softest Crib Sheet Out There

One thing we found that helped her go through the night is the Lil Helper Sleepsaver. This crib sheet is so soft it’s like she is rubbing her face against her blankie. It makes a comfortable base in the bed especially since they don’t have much in the crib with them for comfort.

Have you ever had that feeling of stiff bed sheets? This happens to me with newer sheets or the backup ones that are not used so often. Well, our baby doesn’t have that problem as the minky crib sheet makes it so soft and flexible you will fight with your partner to decide who gets to do the night shift! In fact, Lil Helper, do you plan on getting more sizes for this wonderful product? It’s getting a bit tight in the crib for baby and me!

Why would you want an absorbent crib sheet?

The absorbency of the sleepsaver is an important feature of it as it’s very different from the other crib sheets I’ve seen. I know some waterproof and noisy sheets are out there but absorbing and quietly waterproof like this sheet? No, I don’t know any. There are a few layers of microfiber under the minky making it the perfect bed sheet to get potty trained for the night!

Luckily, we haven’t had trouble with reflux/sickness and other body fluids ejections. However, one of the only times our little one drinks milk is at bedtime and those damn sippy cups aren’t as tough as her and they leak!!!! Oh gosh I hate spilled milk!! I found one sippy cup brand not as bad as the other ones but there are still leaks. Knowing the mattress is protected and she won’t feel wet if the whole cup gets poured, I’m happily giving my little one the milk she needs at the time of the day she prefers.

Do you define yourself as lazy or busy? I fall under those two categories and lazy isn’t bad. On the contrary! They say lazy people are the more efficient ones, why? Because they will always find the shortest way of getting things done in order to be done with it. That’s me, I don’t want to do chores all day, I much prefer drawing with my little one and I think Lil Helper is that way too as they designed a crib sheet that is low maintenance both for maintenance and use.

Features a built-in Mattress Protector!

Let me explain, they designed the Sleepsaver as all in one sheet so easy use, no need for more than one layer: mattress protector and sheet are one single piece. It means less trouble battling with the corner sheets at the bottom of the crib! Ah! What a relief!! For maintenance, just throw it in the washer and then in the dryer! Yes, you read that correctly: the DRYER!!! We’ve been putting the crib sheet in the dryer for more than a year and it’s still like new! They thought about you, last minute mom who forgot to wash the backup sheet last week! Am I the only one who uses the appliances to their fullest? Like everything that goes in the dishwasher will end up there and same with the dryer. So don’t fear about extra work! The only thing is the thickness of the sheet might require an extra round in the dryer/longer time than regular sheets.

The Downside:

Price: for someone who is looking at very cheap (quality and price) regular sheets, it is definitely out of budget at 89$CAD/77$USD but for people buying waterproof mattress protectors and crib sheets or minky crib sheets, this is definitely a good price! It is a quality product and unfortunately, production costs need to be covered so it is on the expensive side. I was lucky enough to get mine at preorder price but you can also look on the Lil Helper BST Facebook page where a few second hand ones are sold for less.

Prints: the prints might not fit your nursery theme. I personally don’t care and love the available prints (I had to much trouble choosing as I couldn’t afford them all!). I went with the nursery vibe and it fits great! But I’m a print/color lover so maybe it’s just me :) I’m quite sure that when my little one is going to have preferences, I’ll have no choice on which crib sheet is going on the bed, no matter if it matches the walls or not!

Those down sides are largely outweighed by the advantages of the Sleepsaver and I recommend this for every parent! I also cross my fingers that Lil Helper gets a new size for this product before my little one outgrows her crib mattress! 😆

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